Reposting this here in the Rye area, as I have it in the bourbon discussion....and I like the debate for rye better, anyway.

Ok, here's one thing I notice here....we discuss price, we discuss value, we discuss flavor, but we rarely ever see any discussion or listing of people's fave juice under given price, let's do it. This is for rye only....

I want you to give me your personal fave picks for rye under 6 distinct price points...ready? Hopefully this will work for a way for some folks to see new suggestions of great stuff and to get inspiration.... I'll start (All prices should INCLUDE sales tax, this is the final purchase price here, folks)

Under $20 - Pikesville, no question. How can you beat a good, mixable rye that actually has character and flavor (Beam Rye and Overholt, please see yourself out of this conversation) for under $20? Pikesville is awesome.

$21-30 - Rittenhouse BiB, again, no questions. The big brother to the Pikesville, we have discussed this booze to death...and there's a reason. I am thrilled to have gotten a case of it while I can, cuz it's gone off shelves in LA for the year already.

$31-45 - This is sort of a gap group in rye...not a lot of variety at this price point....since LA costs so freaking much, I am going to cheat and say Baby Saz, cuz a bottle here in LA is about $35. That being said, I still like Rittenhouse BiB BETTER.

$46-60 - Again, there is a bit of lapse in the market for this price point...I think the only rye I have that would fit this bill is R1, but I dunno....I never buy that crap....suggestions? I think some of y'all can find Van Winkle Reserve Rye for about this price point, right? I wouldn't know, as I have yet to ever see a single bottle of that stuff on the shelf....ever.

$61-80 - Tough one. Do you go with Saz 18 or the Handy? How do you choose between 2 amazing products? I gotta say......Saz 18. My personal favorite rye in the entire world, at any price point.

$81-Whatever - Well, this rye is not as good to me as either Handy or Saz 18, but it fits the price point (again, LA is expensive) I am going to say Whistlepig Rye as my choice. I met Yuri Kato, their marketing manager, and Dave at the LA WhiskyFest, which was rad, and I like this enough that I have bought a bottle of it....but I don't think I will be buying too much more of it, that is, of course, until my Saz 18 and Handy supplies run out! It's big and bold, very grain driven with some sweetness at the end...a good product, but a tough price.

So...add on! Thoughts? Let's see where this heads!