Fun topic.

<$20: Rittenhouse BiB. If this were more readily available, I'd have no reason to pop for Overholt.

$21-$30: WT 101. A real rye bargain. It may be an unpopular opinion, but I prefer the spiciness of WT to Ritt BiB (or maybe I'm swayed by the fact that WT Rye is ubiquitous here).

$31-$45: This is a weird price point for ryes. I once paid ~30 for Baby Saz. Wouldn't jump at it again at that price. Michter's just doesn't do it for me at this or any other price.

$46-$60: VWFRR. Tastes much older than its labeled 13 yrs, which if I understand correctly, it is (or once was). Just hope they don't start pricing it like an older rye.

$61-$80: Toss up between Handy and Saz 18, depending if I want the aggressiveness of the former or the utter drinkability of the latter. I probably lean more towards the 18, but the dearth of it around Dallas has made me grown to appreciate Handy, which never seems in short supply here.

$80<: Another toss up: Ritt 21 or Hirsch 22, both of which are stellar ryes. Paid over $100 for each of them and never questioned whether they were worth it. They are.