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    Re: In defense of whiskey

    The guy would fit in nicely with the P,R & C crew. He's got the name calling down.

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    Re: In defense of whiskey

    David Driscoll of K&L preemptively discussed this very kind of rant here. Here's a relevant section:

    I find that whenever Gary Reagan or Camper English write about new drinks around the town, the response is always a defensive backlash by someone who doesn't know anything about booze and is self-conscious about that fact, hence the need to post their "real" expert opinion. It's usually anger about the vast selection of booze available and annoyance that someone is actually trying to navigate it and enjoy it. "Why should I try all these prissy $10 mixologist cocktails when I can make myself a stiff vodka martini at home?" It's like growing up in a small town and wanting to move to the big city, but then hearing nothing but negativity from your friends or family who in reality are either jealous or too scared to do it themselves.
    "Good" may be subjective, but that doesn't mean it's arbitrary.

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    Re: In defense of whiskey

    Ok, frankly I did not take time to read what comes after clicking that link in the first post. However, I have taken a look at the following comments and -by and large- I can understand the matter.

    In my opinion, as a bourbon enthusiast who first met mint julep very late in his life relative to you in North America, I can say that it tastes damn good and I like preparing and drinking mint julep. I do not indulge in cocktails in general and I prefer my bourbon neat or on the rocks somewhat depending on the season of the year, but mint julep has its place for my palate.


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    Re: In defense of whiskey

    Oft-posted, but worth repeating regularly, he'll never top this one:
    Nobody will.
    (It's worth noting that the author's name now graces the University of Mississippi's law school library. Mississippi repealed Prohibition in 1966, 11 years after this speech.)
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