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    New member from Iowa

    Saying hello, looks to be a few other Iowa people on the boards. Im currently a scotch drinker but learning about bourbon.

    A few might have known already, but I am a distiller and personally produce the Cedar Ridge family of wines and spirits. Anything you want to know about our products, ask away.

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    Des Moines, Iowa

    Re: New member from Iowa

    Welcome! I'm from Des Moines. I've enjoyed quite a few of your products. Always good to hear from a distiller. If you're ever in DSM and want some good bourbon let me know!

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    Re: New member from Iowa

    Welcome aboard always nice to have a distiller on here. I'm from Clarinda IA, I bought a bottle of your bourbon a few weeks back and found it interesting. Could you give us some insight as to how old it is? I plan to take a bottle of this to the gazebo next time I go to KY be it the sampler or the KBF so everyone can have a try of it. Please post often to the site and come join us in chat it's the gazebo at the top of the main forum page.

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    Re: New member from Iowa

    Welcome to SB. Hope you like it here. Enjoy and have some fun. Cheers! Joe
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