Hello everybody. I found this site by accident last week while searching Google for the older glass Glencairn (crystal is too delicate and light for my liking). I'm an ill behaved middle aged man rehearsing to become a dirty old man. I'm an Air Force vet, and have been a paramedic for several years. I like girls, guns, motorcycles, and whiskey. I will drink all whiskey types, but prefer bourbon. I currently keep three bottles of year 2000 EWSB, a bottle of Willett Pot Still Reserve, a couple big bottles of Jim Beam black and white for when heavy drinkers come over to visit, and a whole slew of non-bourbon whiskies, including a couple new ones I just brought back from India. I'm a novice when it comes to tasting, but soak up information like a sponge when I'm passionate about the subject.