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    Your favorite quick smoke?

    What is your favorite cigar when time is an issue? My current favorite is the Arturo Fuente Petite Corona. Nice 20 minute smoke with lots of flavor packed into its small size. I am wanting to try a Hemingway Short Story next time I get a chance. What do you prefer?

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    Re: Your favorite quick smoke?

    That would have to be Drew Estates Jucy Lucy or El Rey Del Mundo Cafe Au Lait and if I want a stronger experiance it would be a Bolivar Fuente Petite Corona.

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    Re: Your favorite quick smoke?

    Winston! - Linn

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    Re: Your favorite quick smoke?

    Joya de Nicaragua Machito

    Bolivar Petite Corona

    Punch Rothschild

    Ashton Esquire

    Fuente Exquisito

    Fuente Short Story

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    Re: Your favorite quick smoke?

    I had a Punch Gran Cru Punchito yesterday, while doing some yard work. I was a little too frenzied (and worried starting a fire in my leaf pile) to really appreciate it, so I'm going to try another soon.




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