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Thread: Chinese Whisky

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    Chinese Whisky


    Lang Jiu whisky



    Let us hope they don't acquire a huge taste for bourbon.....oops, too late:


    "The most popular US whiskey style, amber-colored Bourbon suits the Chinese market with its slightly sweeter taste. Bourbon gets its name from Bourbon County in Kentucky where it originated. Jim Beam and Wild Turkey, both Bourbons, are strong sellers on world markets and both sell in China. Tennessee-made Jack Daniels competes aggressively with Jim Bean across China, using in-bar sales staff to promote and sell whiskey to young drinkers in provincial Chinese cities."

    Ok, keep it to JD and JB at least.....hey, ship the Red Stag, Bird Dog and the rest to China...I bet they would sell huge.
    Double the price and they will think it is premium.


    China's whiskey thirst causing global shortage amid booming sales
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