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    I got a CRAZY Canadian Vodka/Whiskey for you - X-Four

    Ok, so I have a VERY interesting product to share with y'all today...it's called X-Four. I discovered it last week while in Vancouver, BC...and I don't know what to make of it, but I sure do like it...here we go...

    I am VERY tempted to put this booze in the Int'l Whiskey section, despite the fact that it is marketed as VODKA.... and here's why.

    X-Four is a handcrafted, microdistillery product, hand bottled in Okanagan, British Columbia. That is pretty straight forward, but here's where it gets weird....they call it a "handcrafted vodka distilled 4 times," BUT, when you read it closer it states that it is made from CORN, RYE and Glacier Fed Water.......SO, it is distilled 4 times, but all the grain used is whiskey grain...which means that it's actually just 80 proof white dog whiskey, right?!!?

    Whatever the case may be, it's freaking delicious. It does have a somewhat medicinal alcohol burn to the nose, but there's a strong hint of rye and licorice/anise. It drinks smoothly, and tastes of charred cereal, anise and a hint of rye as well, finishing clean. with a pleasant residual coat on the tongue. The locals at the fancy liquor store told me to drink it straight or on the rocks...and I can't complain.

    Has anyone else ever seen this stuff? I've provided a picture....I may repost this elsewhere, since it's such an oddity....but if you can track it down, you should!
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