I'm interested in getting a cheap, basic Glencairn, maybe 2. What's generally recommended? Eventually I'll get a nice set (= sneak it past my wife) but right now I'm just looking for one - something as a starter that I don't have to worry too much about, can throw in the dishwasher, etc.

I searched around but didn't find much.

This thread (Bourbons that don't do well in Crystal) said:

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If anyone looking for glass Glencairns, I know that http://www.scotchwhiskyglass.com/ still had some left that were etched with PORT ELLEN (call them to order, some Port Ellen may be crystal also), and http://www.cobhthaighceltique.com/ has 7 left that are painted with either a Harp or Scottish Thistle (scroll to the bottom of their Glencairn page, they are on clearance).
Any recommendations? Get the cheapest one on Amazon or E-bay? Get one from cobhthaighceltique.com? Buffalo Trace?

I don't know if there are different qualities or if a Glencairn is a Glencairn . I'd get a quality one to start if there is a difference.