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I spent time last night tasting side by side, recent releases of ORVW 107 and OWA. Quite a lesson in their differences and I'll assume the role of age, barrel selection and brand profile. When compared OWA = sweeter, more citrus (orange/tropical) fruit, sweet candy, cream, higher heat in the mouth and shorter finish. ORVW = eucalyptus, ash, lead pencil, more caramel, more vanilla and more complexity with long dry finish. Both are so good in their own right but ORVW 107 is a top contender for my stranded on an island bourbon and worth the extra $15 to $20 price point.
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I usually would not pick on someones taste and description but this. "ORVW = eucalyptus, ash, lead pencil". Lead Pencil! Ash. Really Lead Pencil. How would you know lead pencil. LoL my friend.
Lead pencil is quite a common descriptor used in many a wine review and is generally attributed to a heavier char in the oak barrel used. A little google searching shows it also used by Mr. Pacult in his description of both EC 18 and VWFR. Also my "taste and description purposefully blurs smells with tastes and though I actually never did suck on a lead pencil I surely know the smell and can imagine the taste. Having spent some time with smoking meats I do know both the smell and taste of ash. I also spent about 20 years learning and tasting as much as I could about wine so some terms just kinda stick with ya my friend.

Spirit Journal description (Van Winkle Family Reserve)
“The palate entry is spicy, piquant, prickly and raisiny; at midpalate the taste profile features lead pencil, slate, black pepper, brown butter, and deep-seared oak. Finishes with an ash-like, chewy, and oily aftertaste that’s smashingly luscious…. American whiskey doesn’t come any finer.”

Elijah Craig 18
"Deep amber hue. Opening nosing passes detect a no-nonsense bouquet laced with an astringent oakiness that???s crisp, clean and direct; later sniffings pick up layered scents of corn husk, buttered popcorn, resin, lead pencil and a hint of caramel. Flavor shows fat tastes of old oak, cream, almond butter, bacon fat, vanilla extract and smoke. Aftertaste is warming and semisweet."

- Paul Pacult