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    Re: Containers for samples

    Great thread, I ordered some bottles from speciality bottle and have been bottling away to get rid of a bunch of larger bottles.

    Thanks again for the great info!


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    Re: Containers for samples

    I'm glad I found this thread. I used some Nalgene bottles once and felt like they had some impact on the flavor. I know they are supposed to be neutral but I was not happy with them.

    These are going to be the ones from now on.

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    Re: Containers for samples

    I have always used the small bottles from a local pharmacy (my brother's).

    He keeps glass and plastic. Anywhere from 30ml up. I mostly use the 60ml plastic brown ones.

    Try your local pharmacist.

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    Re: Containers for samples

    Monopalawa Vodka has some nice glass bottles for their minis with good caps. I use that and McCormick's Vodka minis has a nice sturdy plastic bottle with good caps. The vodka keeps the bottle sanitized and it does a nice job on the toilet when it's time to use the bottle for bourbon. Seriously though at $1.50 a 2 pack you get alcohol for the wife's coke and a sample bottle.



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