I came across an April 20, 2010 interview with JVW and a search didn't
show it listed so I thought I'd share. The video is listed as 52 minutes

This link goes to the video interview with a transcript if you'd prefer to
read it. The video on this page is listed as 1 hour 11 minutes (which
coincides with the time notations along the transcript.)

I found the more interesting topics (history aside) came later in the interview:

55:00 Julian "...tried a thirty-year-old before, and it's--I don't care who
made it--it's not going to make it. It's not going to make the trip very,
very gracefully."

63:00 His "desert island" whiskey - "Probably some very extra old fifteen-
year-old 90 proof Old Fitzgerald. Best stuff on the planet."

67:00 Re: BT - "We are basically still using the Weller recipe." and
elaborates on warehouse placement of barrels & picking the good ones

69:00 (regarding sales figures) - "We're probably, uh, you know, we're at
about five or six thousand cases which doesn't go very far at all." and then
goes on to explain the allocation.