I had no idea that bourbon needed to breathe to open up and show "more" character. When I first opened The OWA I had to Concentrate to identify the different notes and the nose was strongly alcohol. You could pick up the undertones but that's what they were, undertones. After it sat opened a week or two (and almost empty, damnit) it seemed to , for lack of a better description, become"more" of itself and bloom like a rose! To be honest I didn't enjoy it that much new and I was disappointed in it. It seems to get bettter the longer it's open. Now, far from being disappointed, I am savoring every drop. I've known a few Frencch red wines that needed to be decanted to be enjoyed to their fullest potential but I did not realize that "oxidation" affected Bourbon to this extent. I noticed the same thing with a bottle of EWSB just not to the same extent. How does proof affect this? I did not notice this with Pappy 15. Does Boubon get "better" with decanting?