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    Re: Bourbon in Hawaii

    Thanks for all the suggestions and advice again guys... I'll check out as many stores as I can... most definately Tamura's, Walmart & Food Pantry.

    I guess something people may not know is that while Australia has a fairly broad range of bourbons available now, we still don't get some of the basics that seem to be pretty common in most US markets.
    Some products I saw in Hawaii last year that we don't get here include: Old Granddad, Old Overholt, Wild Turkey Kentucky Spirit, Makers 46, Knob Creek, and any KBD product. (I know there was more, but that's all I can remember)
    I'll make sure I get some photos this time, and will post if I find anything of interest 4 sleeps now until we leave

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    Re: Bourbon in Hawaii

    Have a great trip Cam!!!

    It is no secret that I love that elixir of the gods, bourbon.



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