As I have previously confessed I am kinda new to really all the scienftic points involed with tasting Bourbon. I do know what I like. I am going to try and start a collection of what I hope to be some of the best examples of Bourbon currently on the market. What I would like to do is list 20-25 of what I have found to be some fo the better products. Some of the info I have read about in various reviews and found out about with other research. I will list these and I would then encourage everyone and anyone to let me know what there say the top
12-15 products are and will then ask you to add 3 items that are not on the list I will then keep track of the numbers of responses please only 1 vote per station. When say after 2/3 weeks I will then tabulate all the votes and list the top selections of our panel. (Thats you guys & gals) Then I will list the 3 top vote getters that are not on the main list. When you see a ** next to the selection this means I have already acquired this product. So here goes. By the
way the list is in no way of any kinda of priority, just Bourbons I have personally tried and have heard about. Thanks in advance. Creggor.

A.H Hirsch 16 yr **A.H Hirsch 29yr **1990 Evan Williams Single Barrel

**Pappy Van Winkle 20yr Family Reserve **Van Winkle 15yr old Family Reserve

**Wild Turkey Rare breed 101 Proof **Wild Turkey Kentucky Spirit **Bookers

Distillers Masterpiece. **Buffalo Trace KSB **Buffalo Trace Eagle Rare 17yr

**Knob Creek. Hancocks Reserve Single Barrel. **Blanton's Single Barrel.

**Weller Antique 19yr. Rock Hill Farms Single Barrel. Elmer T. Lee 107 Proof

**Woodford's Reserve Distillers Select. Van Winkle 13yr Family Reserve Rye.

Sazerac Rye. Pappy Van Winkle 23y Old. Noah's Mill 15yr. Makers Mark.

Old ST. Very Old Nick Rare 20yr.

There is my goal to acquire these products. Let me know your favorites and

what 3 items you would add to the list. Thanks again and hope this is fun.