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    Re: What To Stock a Liquor Cabinet With

    Hello, Just me again. Of all the items I have listed on my previous hit list the one product that I am looking foward to trying more than all others is the regular Buffalo Trace KSB. There is something about this product that really interest me. Buffalo Trace has set up a real nice and imformative web page. I have heard good things about the product on here. IT just recently won a Gold Medal at the World Championships. It's more affordable than most on my list and I do need to leave some money behing for my wife & kids someday. And finally Ken Weber the products brand manager comes across as one who speaks with confidence and an authoritive voice when speaking of this product. Almost like he knows it a good product and is saying to the other Bourbon makes come and take your best shot. I have an older sister living in Kentucky. She has set aside for me a couple of bottles. It's here birthday later this month. I think I will just take a long drive and go wish here Happy Birthday. And if the Buffalo Trace is as good as I hope it to be, I may take a couple cases back to Florida with me and make it as LYNN would say my daily pour. Creggor

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    Re: What To Stock a Liquor Cabinet With

    You guys (and guyettes) are really good! Boswell is in fact a product that we produced. We buy nearly all of our cooperage (barrels) from Independent Stave. The gentleman who owns the company is Mr. Boswell, hence the name of the bourbon. As far as I know, it is only sold in their company store. It is, as best as I recall, a four to five year old bourbon similar in taste profile to Ancient Age. I am really stretching here, but I think it shares the same bottle as Rock Hill Farms. I know that we have not produced any in the last 2-3 years.


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    Re: What To Stock a Liquor Cabinet With

    Thanks for the info. The Boswell bottle is similar to Rock Hill Farms, but it is not the same. The glass stopper is definitely different. Tomorrow I'll bring the digital camera home from work and post a couple of pictures.

    I don't have any Ancient Age to compare it to, but the Boswell is far superior than the Ancient Ancient Age 10 Star. Also, the Boswell has a much deeper amber color to it. It's more along the lines of Rock Hill or Blanton's. The taste is comparable to these too.

    The store here in Kansas City had about 8 bottles of it. I ended up with 5 of them. I wonder how they obtained them?


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    Re: What To Stock a Liquor Cabinet With

    One suggestion I make to anyone who wants to do a serious exploration of bourbon is to make sure you sample the product of every distillery. A person could easily get bogged down just sampling the products of Jim Beam and Heaven Hill, for example. In some cases, e.g., Hirsch, you can even taste the product of a defunct distillery.

    --Chuck Cowdery

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    Re: What To Stock a Liquor Cabinet With

    For those who don't already understand what you're referring to, that would be Michter's of course. And if you're really lucky, or if Evan Kulsvein is as good at maintaining a flavor profile as I think he is, you can do that with another defunct distillery, Willett in Bardstown, as well.




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