No need to apologize. I feel pretty much the same way. The freeze distilled beers such as the stuff that Brewdog puts out (Tactical Nuclear Penguin, Tokyo, etc.) are all terrible. Somehow or another it became a contest to see who could create the highest ABV liquid without putting it through a still. Flavor and drinkability were set aside. On the other hand, I feel Sam Adams deserves a little bit of credit for creating the Utopias using "traditional" brewing methods. A lot of time, effort, and ingredients go into Utopias creating a unique experience for the consumer. It is created and sold by a brewery, but I don't really feel it fits into either the beer or distilled spirits category. I somewhat liken it to Buffalo Trace's experimental program in that they are just trying something new. I guess it's no longer new at this point but its general popularity keeps the production going.