Kinda odd, really (and I admit to not surfing through ALL 23 pages of 'hits' for the word "martini" -- I leafed through the first and last several pages), but we don't seem to have a thread dedicated precisely to this ubiquitous drink.
As many here know, I'm something of a traditionalist in all things -- which carries over to beverage alcohol -- so, to me, a martini is made with gin, not vodka. That said, I can't abide olives, but love maraschino cherries. You can guess where this is headed...
I recently decided -- because of a dearth of other liquor in the house -- to assay my first martini. I used a c. 5:1 ratio Gordon's gin:dry Noilly Prat/no garnish. I liked it. Thereafter, I added some cherries, and switched to basic Seagram's gin. I still like it, but am out of gin (to be rectified during tomorrow's liquor-store shift).
So, lend me some other takes, with the proviso that I may well ignore them (but others mayn't).