Was tickled to find Lillet locally today (in two versions, marked identically. I guess they figure we're bright enough to establish which is Lillet blanc. I think I was...) -- only to be disappointed to discover, when reviewing this thread, that Fleming used vodka, too. Vodka! How dare he?! I NEVER keep vodka in the house (except when Gary leaves me some)!
So, rather than surrender, I just split the vodka portion between the gin and Lillet. I realized later I should, rather, have split it proportionally -- making something like 3/4 part Lillet and 3-3/4 part gin -- but I wasn't that astute in my disappointment.
Still, stirred with an ice cube thereafter dropped in the glass -- a la 'Ay-ed' (you miss the South, really, don't you?!) -- it's pretty darned good!