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I love WT Rye 101, much more than Baby Saz, and slightly more than RittBIB. As for RR6yrRye, I think the choice of proof castrates it.
I am so glad to hear that so many people like the WT Rye 101! It has been my go to whiskey ever since I tasted it. I have always been partial to WT since I started brinking bourbon (I especially like the Rare Breed). The RR bourbon was fantastic until they lowered the proof (luckily I had just bought 6 bottles when they did that and have held onto 5 of them!).

The WT Rye was my introduction to the world of rye and I have since tried every rye I can get here in Atlanta (and even mail-ordered some I can't get here). For some reason the RR Rye has never been quite there for me, maybe it is the proof but I prefer the flavor of the 101.