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    Another Wheat whiskey?

    There's no new bourbon listings on the March price list in Ohio, but there is a new whiskey product listed.

    OYO Whiskey from Middle West Spirits in Columbus, Ohio has been listed at 92 proof and in the 44 to 46 dollar range for a 750.

    They also make a vodka (no surprise) and a vanilla bean infused vodka (ditto) that are made from "Ohio red winter wheat". I don't see any good information on their site about the whiskey, but there are blog postings about a wheat whiskey from Middle West.

    Maybe they will stop by and give us the scoop.
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    Re: Another Wheat whiskey?

    Huh. That came out of nowhere?

    Well at least it's not 45 for a 350.
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    Re: Another Wheat whiskey?

    Had this. It is a good whiskey, I think. But they don't make very much of it, as the distillery is mainly focused on their vodka, which is unfortunate. They are planning another release of this whiskey in June, I think.



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