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    Best mid priced beginner bourbon

    I have a friend who has little experience with bourbon but is interested in getting into bourbon. He wants to buy a mid range bourbon that still has some complexity- 50$ or so (I already told him to start lower end, but he doesnt care about money- he comes from a somewhat wealthy family and is sticking it to me). I have it narrowed down to these:

    1. Evan williams single barrel Binny's hand picked 2000
    2. Wild turkey Kentucky spirit
    3. BUffalo trace Binny's hand picked
    4. Elmer T. Lee (possibly Binny's hand picked)
    5. Blanton's
    6. Four roses single barrel 100 prf binnys hand picked
    7. Four roses binny's hand selected barrels (probably an OESQ or OESK)

    So, which one would you choose- both complex and approachable?
    I was leaning more toward EWSB, but the 2000 might be sold out by me, leaving only 2001 in its place. In that case, I might have to go with one of the others.

    Note: Normally I would just let him go off some of my selection, but it is mostly value examples (VOB, mellow corn, rittenhouse). You might have guessed we live near a binny's. I was also hoping to get one that I would enjoy- I would probably like any one of these 4 (I know- I'm selfish/greedy)
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