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    Post Re: Best mid priced beginner bourbon

    "When I was first starting out, one of the first few bourbons I got was Buffalo Trace. I thought it was a good starting bourbon because it was smooth, fairly straightforward noes and taste, and at 90 proof, its a baby step toward the higher proofs. It's not a sexy pick, but a solid one. Also, congrats on having a friend who wants to spend money on bourbon" -tehbeardman
    Looking back on it, I may have given Buffalo Trace a little lower of a rating than it deserves (a 7.5/10 when it's closer to an 8). Buffalo Trace is good sippin' and great for mixing.

    I included my review; Feel free to take a look if you got the time:

    I came across Buffalo Trace as an alternative to Makers Mark for mixed drinks and a value brand. It came highly recommended by bluekitchen.com and did not disappoint. Buffalo Trace succeeds by being good at what it is, an above average Bourbon. Sure it scored a 7.5, but Buffalo Trace is not competing against 20 year old Pappy Van Winkle or 18 year old Single-Malt Scotch
    Buffalo Trace, formerly named Ancient Age, got its name from a trail crossing where buffalo once forded the river, the Great Buffalo Trace. Since 1857 the distillery has garnered a reputation for experimenting with ages and woods. Their straight Whiskey is pronounced in vanilla and oak (Maclean).

    taste - warm up front, smooth, with a burn of the back end; understated, caramel, roasted vanilla sugar, pine, citrus oil (but not oily), bark.

    smell - slight metallic, oak, wood, cooked sugar, vanilla, spice.

    look - copper rust, worn brass.

    rating - 7.5

    price - $20 - $30


    Work Cited
    MacLean, Charles. World Whiskey. New York: DK, 2009. Print.
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