Just read about these guys on Spirits Journal.


Then I had to laugh because Val pulled out this set of products from the new, craft Kentucky distillery called MB Roland. They make some interesting spirits and when I saw the baked apple pie whiskey I just started laughing, thinking he can't be serious! But he was, and MAN! is that stuff good. It's like the Godiva chocolate vodka where if you act like you don't like it, you're obviously lying. Just admit that it's actually delicious! Here are my notes for the products I'll be bringing in:

MB Roland Distillery Apple Pie Kentucky Shine 375ml 16.99 - Made of corn and sugar cane distillate, apple cider, spices, and brown sugar (nothing synthetic), this is everything the name says it is and everything you hope it will be - baked apple pie flowing creamy smooth over your palate, not too sweet, not overly cloying. There's nothing more I can say other than this product is really really good. It's not something to breakdown flavorwise, or analyze the complexity. It's meant to drink as a dessert and to have fun with. If you let your guard down, you're in for a very tasty time.

MB Roland Distillery Black Dog Kentucky Corn Whiskey 375ml $19.99 - The white corn distillate from a small Kentucky distillery is made by roasting the white corn in a miniature tobacco barn, giving it smoky and spice flavor similar to an Islay-style whisky. Lots of toasty, earthy, concentrated flavor and very interesting. Great for sipping or for exotic cocktails.

MB Roland Distillery Kentucky Lemonade 375ml $16.99 - An all natural hard lemonade made from a sugar cane and corn distillate base with only lemon juice and sugar added to give it flavor. This is super high end stuff and packs a punch at 22% alcohol but you'd never know it. Watch out because this is a super party in a bottle that can really wallop an unsuspecting drinker!

MB Roland Distillery White Dog Kentucky Corn Whiskey 375ml $15.99 - Delicious corn white whiskey from all locally grown Kentucky white corn. Flavorful and more interesting than the standard white whiskies on the domestic market. Fun for sipping or for cocktail mixing. Can't wait until they start aging it!
And here is the distillery website:


Anyone know anything about this or maybe tried any of their products?