I was lucky enough to turn up a bottle of this rye a few days ago. As others have said, it's quite unique. At first sniff and taste it reminded me of Redbreast. But the fruit and chocolate flavors really set it apart from any other American whiskey I've had. There's green apple, black tea and -- again, as others have noted -- a blast of cocoa (even more than in the 25 YO Willett bottling of a few years ago that was my previous benchmark for chocotastic whiskey). For a young rye, the sheer number of flavors is remarkable -- I base this on other young whiskies I like, including the Party Source Willett 3 YO bourbon and the various young Willett ryes, which are great but pretty one-note. And equally important, taken as a whole it's delicious stuff. It's not just "interesting" or "different"; the flavors work together to make an enjoyable whole.

From reading this thread I understand that the Leopold's didn't want the effects of aging to overwhelm the flavors in this whiskey. I can respect that, but am also very anxious to try this whiskey at a more advanced age and perhaps a slightly higher proof. It tastes and feels a bit thin, if that makes any sense. But the fact that such a young rye at just 43% is so striking is really impressive.