Most of us who have visited distilleries have tasted bourbon white dog. Buffalo Trace is the only major distillery to have released its bourbon white dog as a product. Corn whiskeys such as Georgia Moon have generally been the only other widely available white dogs. Many of us have posted that we wished white dog was more available.

You know the saying, be careful what you wish for ...

Now, thanks to the growing micro-distillery community, we have all kinds of white dog on the market, even more if we count the lightly-aged stuff.

Is there anyone who thinks there is still not enough white dog on the market?

So, how much white dog are you really drinking, relative to your consumption of aged whiskey? Would you say you enjoy white dog exclusively, frequently, occasionally, rarely, or never?

Yes, I said "enjoy" instead of "drink" on purpose.

How many different white dog products do you own? How often do you reach for one of them?

How do you drink your white dog?