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I can endorse Mellow Corn. Get the BIB if you can. It tastes a little like tequila. Much more drinkable than Georgia Moon.

Ben's right. A real moonshiner is lucky to hit 40% - 50% abv let alone 95%, and if you've been sipping 95% abv spirit, you're probably dead by now.

Also, true moonshine is rarely corn. It's usually sugarjack, i.e., made from table sugar. Hell, if it tastes good that right there is the best evidence that it isn't true moonshine, because true moonshine usually tastes like crap and a half.

Anybody with even a passing interest in moonshine should read Max Watman's book, Chasing the White Dog.
Got the Mellow Corn today and had a small pour after lunch. It's really not a bad drink at all and will certainly interest my friends when they drop by. Glad I was able to get the BIB.