Okay, Compass Box, now maybe I don't know a lot about scotch, don't have the vocabulary, you know. Just a dumb yank. Can't put things in the proper context, so here's my simple-minded American question. How many scotch blenders are lionized for their fabulous combination of two -- count 'em, two -- component whiskeys?

As for this basic disagreement we're having, we all have access to the same facts and have reached different conclusions. In this case, I'm okay with that. I've always been comfortable with ambiguity. This seems to me a case where two people can reach opposite conclusions from the same set of facts without either of them being wrong.

To me, the thing with Perkins is that from the moment Rendezvous was released, all the press about it talked about this rye whiskey 'made' by this little distillery in Utah. Nothing about blending, nothing about sourcing. The whole angle was that it was this Utah-made product. So we're left, as we often are, arguing about the definition of 'made.'

At that point the distillery didn't even exist. It was only after people like me started writing that he couldn't have 'made' this 14-year-old rye (or whatever it is) when he just got his license two months ago. Only then did we start to hear about this great blender.

I recount that to say, that's just me. And that was long before I tasted the stuff. That's how I came to it. Other people came to it differently. I don't see any point in me trying to convince you or you trying to convince me. I respect the conclusions of people who see this differently than I do. I'm not trying to change anybody's mind. I'm just writing this to offer an insight into why I feel as I do about it.

I am, in fact, sucking on some LDI whiskey right now (not David's) and it's having its way with me.