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    Question Why don't I like Bulleit?

    I hope this post leads to a good discussion and helps me learn something. I'm sort of new to Bourbon drinkin' and brand new to this forum.

    I recently bought pints of Woodford Reserve and Bulleit. I liked the Woodford but was pretty uninspired by the Bulleit. Here are my amateur tasting recollections of both:

    Woodford: Cinnamon, apple cider, raisins, pralines, orange zest, dark chocolate and the usual vanilla, brown sugar, maple syrup etc. Not too harsh, not too smooth. Can't wait to try more.

    Bulleit: Turpentine, a hint of rye. Won't be doing this again soon. (And a little disappointed 'cause the bottle is so cool!)

    I'm not alone in my dislike for Bulleit. But why is this? And what does it say about me/us who don't like it? Care to shed some light?

    Also, given my clear preference for Woodford, what else would I like?
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