Howdy all. I grew up in Kentucky but now find myself in the distant, frozen north, where no one seems to know about my favorite spirit, and (unsurprisingly) it's tough to get anything I really want. I have been lurking for a while now, but since I've moved to Canada I would love to find other bourbon drinkers here in Ontario.

In order to get people more interested in bourbon (and American rye), I have been hosting small bourbon tastings for my co-workers and friends, but none of them have really developed a palate for some of my higher-end bottles. (I also am writing a bourbon blog that reviews all the bourbons that come to the LCBO, but my tasting skills are so rudimentary that I feel a little embarrassed to share it here with the big guns.)

So, I was wondering if anyone here knew of places in Toronto where other bourbon lovers meet to taste, share, and discuss their favorite bottles. If there isn't, and any of you out there have high-falutin' tastes like me and want to try some good bourbon, maybe we can put together some place to meet? My collection is pretty decent, and I have, among other things, several BTAC bottlings, Pappy 20, and an old (early 90s) bottle of Maker's Mark old gold wax 100 proof (which puts the marketing for 46 to shame) that I would like to share at some point (assuming that I could try some good stuff other people have!).

Anyway, thanks for reading and this site is great!