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    What is/are your favorite BIB('s)

    What's your favorite Bonded whiskey- including rye and mellow corn? Let's go ahead and exclude Wild Turkey American Spirit (not fair to compare an 18$ bottle to a 100$ bottle).

    I'll go first:

    My first four are a very close race.

    1. VOB
    2. Rittenhouse
    3. Old Forester (not sure if it's still bonded- but its good)
    4. OGD (most recent bottling was a bit thinner/less spicy than I remember it, but still really good)

    Heavenhill is also pretty good, but I haven't got hold of the 6 year yet. I've only had EW BIB one time about 5 years ago when I went to a Volunteers game in knoxville, but as I remember it was tasty.
    Mellow corn is also good, but I recently had some Old fitz BIB and was kind of disappointed (might have just been a bad bottle though).
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