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Hey...no fair!!
No fair? Beam BIB hasn't been made in nearly 40 years either .

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WL Weller Centennial is one of my favorites. Great for sippin' neat in the wintertime. Goes well with Raymond Chandler novels.

Rittenhouse 100 is great. Used it in Manhattans and Old-fashioneds all the time. Sadly, it did not last long.

Can't say I've been lucky enough to try many of the others.
Didn't realize that Centennial was bonded. not a single bottle I have says that anywhere.

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Rock Hill Farms, Henry McKenna 10 Y.O., Old Grand Dad

SNAP about RHF. the old bonded stuff from the mid 90s WAS good. and good call- except for the fact that I've found some I almost forgot it was bonded ever.