Tonight in the 47 degree evening I bundled up and went out back for an H. Upmann robusto and a Jefferson's Reserve. As I posted earlier I am enjoying the JR more than in recent tastings. The Upmann was a nice medium to full bodied smoke with hints of strong coffee. Actually turned my JR a bit harsher, though not unpleasantly so. The bourbon and the cigar did nothing to complement each other, they just did their own thing and did it well. The Upmann was a beautifully constructed cigar that burned even up to a 2 inch ash before falling away. Almost too effortless a draw as the smoke just kind of found its way into my mouth. There I was, cigar in one hand, bourbon in the other, staring up at the blinking lights of the passing airplanes, wondering where they were headed. While someone 25 thousand feet above me was wondering what was going on below them, and probably wanting a cigar