I have thought about it and it seems that KC is the only Beam bourbon that I drink with any regularity.

I also like the Booker's very much, but it is just not worth $50 to me. I occasionally order it when I find it at a bar. When I want to spend $50, the only things on my list are Blanton's and Kentucky Spirit.

I don't enjoy Baker's at all. It is drinkable, but to me, it is the one with the dry, chemical taste.

I have never tried JB Black or Basil Hayden. JBB is so close in price to KC and I know I like KC, so that is what I buy. Somebody's "brown vodka" comment here on sb.com probably turned me off of BH, untasted.

I cannot drink JB White. I don't understand how anybody can. I admit that I haven't tasted it in many years, though - it was bad 30 years ago!