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    Bourbon selection in 1970s liquor stores

    I want to form a picture of what a liquor store's bourbon shelf looked like in the seventies--one of bourbon's dark ages! I was born in 1970 so I'll need help from more knowledgeable hands to pull this off. This is what I've got so far, based on some cursory research on the Internet. Feel free to correct my errors or add details. Let's hear your memories!

    No Blanton's, Booker's, Knob Creek, or Woodford Reserve.
    Maker's Mark was still obscure--you couldn't get in your average liquor store (assuming you knew what it was).
    Old Crow outsold Jim Beam
    IW Harper was still around
    There were a lot of the "old standbys": Old Fitzgerald, Old Charter, Old Forester, OGD.

    (Also, what was it like to walk into a bar in the 70s and order a bourbon on the rocks? What was stocked behind the bar?)
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