I always think back to my trips to the Old High street Pottstown state Store as it was called then. They had a little Wine and Lots of Whiskey Back then. And They had a whole Section for Old Hickory 80 Proof, 86 proof and whatever other Old Hickory was around Like Our BIB. Also right near there was the Hallers County Fair BIB, The Charter Oak BIB and lots of our other Brands of Straights like Planters club 86 and BIB. And if you wanted Blended there was our most Famous one Philadelphia Blended and good old Governors Club. And Our Canadian Whiskey Embassy Club. We had a real big presence then and I loved looking at all the Whiskeys there back then. Today the stores are called Wine and spirites but they might as well call them Wine World!
Dave Z
Kinsey The Unhurried Whiskey For Unhurried Moments