I urge you guys to give this podcast a listen. It's from K&L Wines Spirit Journal, done weekly by David Driscoll. This week he has Harlen Wheatley, MD of Buffalo Trace.

It's particularly interesting around 20 minute mark. David asks Harlen about Pappy. Harlen is very open and honest in this interview, which I sure appreciated. And while Harlen doesn't speak in 100% absolutes because he didn't have all the numbers in front of him (his words), he does outline the following:

-The ORVW 10 year old and Van Winkle Family Reserve 12 year old (Lot b) is Buffalo Trace product, not Stitzel-Weller I think this has been commonly known and reported by many, but I'm not aware of either Julian Van Winkle, Harlen, or anyone else this close to the situation confirming this before.

-The 20 year old and 23 year old Pappy Van Winkle Bourbons are still all Stitzel-Weller stock. The rumors of 20 year old being close to dry was not addressed but Harlen mentions "being close" in terms of having product around that age.

-The 15 year old wasn't talked about in absolutes but Harlen mentions that he believe it to be a mix of stock between Buffalo Trace and Stitzel-Weller. This was the interesting one to me because I was thinking it was still S-W reserves. Very cool to hear. Again, this is one where he wasn't able to confirm 100%, but thought it was a mix.

Check it out.