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    Re: Harlen Wheatley talks BT and Pappy

    Quote Originally Posted by Tucker View Post
    That and the buffoonery. It's not what drew me here, but it's keeping me interested.

    I've already placed a call to my contact at Tower for a case of the Bulleit BIB wheater. He said, "I put you on a list" (sure hope it's the right list). Thanks for the tip, Josh.
    Is that the Tower on Cheshire Bridge? When I was a young man I used to go on spy missions to that store, reading the prices into a hidden tape recorder.

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    Re: Harlen Wheatley talks BT and Pappy

    Quote Originally Posted by David D View Post
    I love this forum and I love reading what people write, even though I usually refrain from posting. I use sites like this as the foundation to seek out interesting topics for the podcast and for our blog.
    I'd like to say I appreciate your interest and your participation.
    The fact that you do check in occasionally shows that you are
    interested in the topics discussed and is a welcome addition to
    the forum.
    John Q.
    Tennessee Squire
    Quote Originally Posted by ggilbertva
    It won't be any cheaper than it is today.
    Quote Originally Posted by Ryan
    Someone will pay it. Someone always pays it.



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