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    Bottom bottom shelf: What do you think of these?

    I was checking out the deals on bottom-shelf bourbons at a local discount liquor store. This is about as low as you can go.

    Is there anything on this list you'd recommend...or warn me away from?

    (These bottles are for sale in Japan but I've converted prices to U.S. dollars):

    $10.75 per 750 ml:
    TW Samuels
    Martin Mills

    $12.00 per 750 ml:
    Bourbon de Luxe
    Ancient Age
    Evan Williams Green Label
    McAfee Benchmark No. 8
    Old Taylor 6 y.o.

    $12.00 per 700 ml:
    Heaven Hill
    John Hamilton

    (I almost put this in the "good deals" section but I'm more interested in flavor/drinkability than prices.)
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