Hi, my name is Ryan. I'm 29 and have only recently started seriously getting into bourbon. I've always been a big fan of whiskey. Jack and coke was my go to drink for the longest time as I hated beer(how stupid I was back then, beer is amazing). I eventually discovered the old fashioned and the manhattan and discovered a whole new way to drink bourbon, the right way as I saw it at the time. Eventually branched out to some better bourbons and found out how great it was neat. I have a pretty solid collection to start and some of my favorites include PVW, Stagg, WLW, EWSB2000, PHC10 amongst others. I prefer wheaters over rye so any suggestions are welcome. This place has been great so far for with tons of info and ideas so thanks to everyone here for that.

I try to check the forums when I have time, which has been pretty much everyday lately looking for info on when PVW is starting to appear in stores. Anyway, thanks again for all the info and great threads guys.