So i was out looking the other day to see if there was anything new in the local market to pick up that I haven't had before. Decided to go and had over to a store that I doesn't usually frequent in town, not a bad store, just not on the regular path that I travel on.

So I'm looking around to see what they have, and spy toward the end of the isle that ever so distinctive look of a BTAC bottle. I'm thinking alright, great find!

Walk down to the bottle, and low and behold it's a bottle of ER17. Great find!! Love the regular ER line, so this is a find. to make it ever better, it was not one, but three sitting one the shelve. A banner day indeed!! I'm getting really excited at this point.

Now this is the part that is really unbelievable. And no it wasn't the price-I can see you folks out there thinking that it was bought at a discount. Alas no.

At this point I picked up the bottle and did the double take at I scanned down the bottle to the release information, I think my heart nearly skipped a beat.

It was of the 2008 vintage.

I regained my nerves and looked at the other two on the shelf through the paper wrapping on them. 2008, 2008.

Now, i've been reading a lot of the posting on the site for awhile. And I realize how great the BTAC line is, and how many have a near impossible time of finding one bottle of the entire line, let alone having three bottles, of a release that long ago.

Well, the decision was not a difficult one at that point, not being the greedy person that I am, I grabbed two of the tissue wrapped bottles and ran to the checkout. I felt like I was stealing these. They just should not have existed.

Then, and yes, there is more.......

At the checkout, the cashier says "Yeah, ER is some pretty good bourbon", to which i agreed and said "Yes it is", still grinning from ear to ear with the magnitude of the find. As I am saying this, he is doing a manual lookup of the price because the tissue paper wrapping is preventing the barcode form being read, and is selecting the regular ER 10yr bottle, which is a fine bottle unto itself-and at about $25 less than the ER17, but being the good honest person that I am, ran back to shelf to pull the other bottle so that he could scan the barcode and ring it the proper price.

As much as I would like to have him ring up the lesser price, I just can not do that. I'm not a terribly religious person, but I do think there is something to that karma thing.

So at $59.99 a bottle, I'm walking out the door pretty happy with a great find.

As I walked out the door, it also got me to thinking. This past weekend I was at another store, or the same chain in town, and did see another two bottles in paper of ER17. Hmmmm, could they also be of '08 vintage. I have to check that out i think to myself.

Not a bad day at all........