I realize there has already been a review on this particular product a few years back, but it is my understanding that they have changed the recipe since then. So, here goes...

Price: ~$40 from the PA Wines & Spirits store in Lemoyne, PA.

Package: Typical Irish Whiskey/Scotch Whisky bottle shape, clear glass. "Single Malt," "Aged 10 Years," and "From the last independent Irish-owned distillery," all very clearly-visible on the label. The back of the label highlights the phrases "Independent Distillery" (which, if you've been following the Irish distilling industry in the last 10 years, pretty much tells you that the spirit is from Cooley) and "Double-Distilled," a very clear break from the usual triple-distilled spirits that Ireland has made their signature.

1) Appearance: Copper color, deeper than virtually all Irish whiskies, but not quite as deep as the average sherry-matured Scotch. Medium-light viscosity.

2) Nose: Freshly-baked bread; a touch of moss; warm, gentle notes of smoke; with sweet notes of caramel and nougat.

3) Palate: Definitely a malt whisky-- I drank this dram while the memory of Jameson lingered. The two taste nothing alike. Notes of biscuit and nougat, with a mild, mouth-filling note of peat smoke. An intriguing hint of strawberry ice cream (wasn't looking for that!) near the end.

4) Finish: Long by Irish whiskey standards (including the Bushmills Single Malts), but Moderate in length overall-- close to a modestly-peated Island Scotch, such as Talisker. The peat smoke still lingers right to the end.

5) Overall Impression: If you are used to drinking Irish Distillers Group (Jameson, Powers, Tullamore, etc) whiskeys, then this dram is probably not up your alley. If you happen to be a fan of lightly-peated Scotch whiskies, like I am, then this is definitely worth looking into.