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    The most hated single malt...Loch Dhu?

    I have not tried this stuff..black whisky... but I see it repeatedly mentioned as the worst single malt....terms like "licking an ash tray" or intense licorice etc.

    Another mentioned is Cu Dhub. The products seem to have been destined for the European continental market...Netherlands, Scandinavia etc.

    Despite the dislike in single malt circles, the Loch Dhu price is ^^ due to discontinuation.

    Has anyone tasted one of these "black" whiskies?

    http://www.maltmadness.com/shitlist.html The Shit List



    The blackness comes from aging in double charred oak casks.....

    Cu Dhub....tasting note does not sound too bad...

    A head to head review

    Both are despised.
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