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    Is my Dickel bad?

    Ok, so with all of this great talk of George Dickel Whiskey I picked up my first bottle a couple of nights ago. I have waited a bit to post this to ensure that I wasn't having a bad night. This is the first time I have been repulsed by a whiskey to the point of not finishing a drink. Imagine for a moment if you will. Take a bottle of cheap generic vitamins, put them in your glove-box and leave them in the hot car all summer long. Now open it up and take a deep whiff. Got that? Now add a fresh handful of wet sod and hay. That's what I get from this bottle of GD #12. The vitamin taste is overpowering and the sod comes on at the finish. Goes down smooth though Could it be that I have a bad bottle. Does anyone get even the slightest hints of vitamins and grass? Dare I say I like JD Black label better?
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