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I think I may have overstated the case if I said that I liked the Baby Saz more than the Handy. Perhaps I meant "for the price". I any case, I think I have just come up with a good reason to revisit the bottles of Handy and Saz 18 that I have open. I think they are both from the 2010 release (although I do have unopened bottles of each from older releases). I'll also try to somewhat equalize the proof of the Handy and compare it to the Baby Saz.
Well last night I revisited the Sazerac rye offerings. I guess I did a reverse tasting because I started out with the 2010 Sazerac 18 rye. I need to revisit this rye more often! Really fine. I thought the Handy I had open was also a 2010 but referring to the BTAC info thread I realized that at 134.8 proof it is the 2007 version. I had not tasted this rye for a long time! I was immediately surprised at the family resemblance to the Saz 18 that I had not noted before (I think my palate is more educated now). I have some other year bottles of this that I need to crack open to compare. After the Handy, I went back to the Baby Saz and while much lighter, I now think I taste the family resemblance to the other two. I wonder if BT is picking barrels each year for the Handy out of the rye they are aging to replace the Saz 18 when it runs out. Maybe the future for BT rye looks good after all!