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    Re: Just secured this for above the bourbon cabinet!

    Keep the info comin guys. All very informative. I have no doubt there could have been a connection to the saloon. I'm just excited about hanging these things the hand painted craftsmanship and history intrigues me.

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    Re: Just secured this for above the bourbon cabinet!

    The saloon is way cool on multi levels, literally, a large building that is three stories tall. The first floor could have been the saloon set for Lonesome Dove, they still have the original massive wooden bar, attached is the restaurant, and the second and third floors hold an incredible array of artifacts in the Buckhorn and Texas Ranger museums.

    You step off the sidewalk through the original wooden doors, advance to the bar and order a drink while the kids (the place appeals to children of all ages) begin running up the stairs headed to their favorite displays. You can follow with your drink if you like or stay there and wait for them to get hungry enough to come down for lunch.



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