Great stuff - I love seeing results from experiments like this.

I just posted this in the "stash" thread where white dog saw I had wine preserver in my pic and asked if I use it for whiskey.

Decided to share as this thread touches on this as well. I know it's been discussed before here but:

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Sure do. I for whatever reason really seem to pick up on oxidation. Don't get me wrong there are ones that I let breathe longer before I gas. Most wheaters for example.

But I wanted to be able to have as many opened as I wanted without ever having to worry about the profiles changing too drastically. It's relatively cheap (bought a case of 12).

I've been using this method for several years and the results have been great. Since using it I have never had an off bottle.

I also take it a step further and often bottle the last 4 oz into a little 4 oz glass bottle, and stick a label on it. This has only slightly helped the nagging feeling to quickly replace a finished bottle. But also good for:
- going back to for comparison
- having little treats ready to go if the need should arise
- giving to friends to sample