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    New member in NoVa

    Hi Guys, quick introduction. New to the forums here, but far from new to bourbon. I was at a bourbon tasting event recently and was introduced to the idea of hunting old bottles....and was thunderstruck! how did I never think of this before? So, in search of knowledge, I hit the internet and landed here. I've been lurking for a few days, and am getting an idea of some of the kinds of things to look for, but have many questions yet. If any hunters in the metro DC area would like to get together to talk shop, please feel free to contact me.

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    Re: New member in NoVa

    Welcome aboard and it looks like you are in a hot bed area for good "dusties".
    Hey Reid, Howie and Greg it looks like we got another that has crossed over to the Dark Side in your area.

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    Re: New member in NoVa

    Hey JC, welcome aboard. Drop by the chat room and introduce yourself, just click on the Gazebo.

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    Re: New member in NoVa

    Hi JC like Oscar said you are in a prime area for hunting. I would suggest doing some extensive reading in the collectibles section. People here will be happy to answer your questions. Also as Oscar alluded too there are several members in your area. And do stop by chat the gazebo.
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    Re: New member in NoVa

    hey there, great resource here this forum is, Welcome.

    I managed to land a few small things, but they took some work. Still like to hit some more places, but that would be an all day affair.

    enjoy your stay!
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