Hi, I just joined up here. I just recently developed a taste for whiskey after finding a bottle of Canadian Club in the cabinet and an episode of Modern Marvels on whiskey distilling. I have had Jack Daniels and other whiskeys in the past but never really bothered to taste the nuances if flavor.

My first Bourbon and I have maybe just a shot left is Maker's Mark. However Maker's Mark is just a bit pricey for me for an everyday or every other day drink. My late father in law drank 10 High for everyday drink and Wild Turkey for special occasions.

I was wondering if you all could give me some tips as to what is a good brand for everyday consumption and just how much it differs from the premium brands.

I also don't believe that I want to be limited to just bourbon. I would like to venture, I think into the Scotch world as well. I think I would like to try a more smoky type scotch.

Please forgive my ignorance, I really don't know much about whiskey and was surprised to find that it is much more than walking up in a saloon and saying "whiskey"