Hello everyone.

While at my local store the other day picking up a bottle of the recently reacquired Talisker 18 (score!), my eyes wondered over to the pile of Knob Creek SB in the bourbon section. Now, I've tried this bourbon once before and was an instant fan. Uncut and non-chill filtered is always a welcomed addition, but I picked up a little more vanilla and wood than it's small batch predecessor which struck my fancy. On sale for $33 until the end of the month, I decided to go ahead and grab a bottle. I knew this was a bourbon I could sink my teeth into.

Then my mind began to drift a little. I was very surprised the first time I learned that Knob Creek would be releasing a single barrel edition. I began to wonder what they were thinking over there at Jim Beam. Booker Noe was always notoriously opposed to single barrel bourbon. He hated the variances from one barrel to the next....hence his small batch creations. Fred Noe has been quoted saying he thought his father was the best in the business at making bourbon. I just find it very peculiar that Fred would give the "ok" to modify a bourbon that his father created into something his father despised!

Now, I'm certainly not complaining! I think Jim Beam has just raised the bar on the #1 selling premium bourbon in the world......and that's hard to do!

But I still wonder.....